Friday, March 9, 2012

Slice of Life #9 - The Demise of the Giant Snowball

"Will you help me roll the snowball?" he asks, with anticipation in his voice. Before I'm able to get outside I walk past the window and notice the giant snowball, covered with bits of dirt, being rolled into the middle of the drive way. The rolling stops and now he's analyzing the snowball and begins to attack it with a shovel. I'm thinking it's a good thing the weather will be getting warmer because I don't think that snowball is going anywhere.

Sure enough as the night is winding down my husband says, "Be sure you don't back into the snowball as you leave in the morning!" Oh brother -  It will be a miracle if I remember. I think to myself.

"Mom! Don't run into my snowball when you leave!" my son exclaims the next morning. More worried about the fate of the snowball than anything else. He doesn't seem to grasp the idea that the snowball's life will be short lived. It lasts longer than I expect though. For the next three days, despite temperatures in the high 60's I find myself navigating my way each morning around the snowball. Everyday it gets smaller and smaller. The second day I back around the snowball I notice it's iceburg like sharp edges and dirt beginning to clump around the base of the snowball. The third day, shockingly, I again remember to swirve my way around the small clump of snow, slowly becoming a small clump of dirt. I've found myself each morning curiously awaiting to discover the state of affairs of the snowball, that can no longer be considered "giant" by any means.That day when I come home, I am disappointed to find only a pile of dirt. Out of sheer honor and respect, I find myself swirving around the debris. I'm sad that this one time intruder, that had become our friend, is now gone. Good bye winter - it was time, we know you'll be back again someday!

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  1. Let's hope winter has gone and spring is on the way. Interesting pile of debris left after living the life of a giant snowball.

  2. Such a fun story. And I love the before and after photograph. The snowball seemed like part of your family. You were so careful to drive around it.

  3. I love the way the passion transitioned from belonging to your son, to being shared by you. The way the snow ball became your friend, too, was a great twist in the story from what I would have predicted. Thanks for keeping me reading! :)

  4. Just plain fun, & your son will remember... The picture of him on top is great; it was a giant for a while. Isn't it interesting that when it's important, we manage to make the difference work, like your swerving around. You were so thoughtful. I hope you showed your son that you wrote this, too.

  5. (love the pic!)
    We've been watching a neighbor's massive snowman, slowlyslowlyslowly bend over each day and then finally collapse under the wonderful weight of spring. This morning, the snowman is little more than a little piece of slush, covered with some light snow from last night.
    Sorry, man, spring is coming.

    1. Hilarious! You've also totally captured what I was feeling. The literal disintegration of winter! I love your line, "slowlyslowlyslowly bend over each day and then finally collapse under the wonderful weight of spring." The word spring at the end is surprising and makes the whole event a little less sad.