Thursday, March 8, 2012

Slice of Life #8 - Down for the Count

Round 1:  2 weeks ago

As I was driving, nausea overcame me. I turned right around to head straight home. No, I just need to grab a couple things from school first. Finally home, I crawl into bed for the next day and a half. Rest seemed to kick it.

Round 2:  1 week ago

Burning up, her little heart beating faster than what it seems it should. Laying against my chest we both begin to fall asleep. Even though the couch is too short and I really need a pillow - I wouldn't trade this for the world! Will she wake up again crying in the night? It just broke my heart last night to see her so afraid and in pain. She couldn't tell me what hurt. So I just held her, rocking back and forth, back and forth. Then I curled up next to her and fell asleep.

Round 3:  Last Friday

Sitting on the couch by the glow of the computer, reading slices, I begin to hear moaning and groaning coming from the floor. The kids had decided to have a camp out in the living room after family movie night. He said he didn't feel well as we were settling in for the night. There was so much to do that coming weekend I tried to assuage is ill feelings - we had places to go and people to see. I should know better, that child know his body - he's so in tune with it! The moaning and groaning got louder. I put the computer aside, and crawled down right next to him. Sure enough he was burning up. "Moooom..." in a raspy whisper, "Can you get me some water." Later, "Moooooom..." in that same voice, "Can you dump out that water and get me cold water." Then it only got worse and his stomach began to cramp and the fever wouldn't break. I was holding his hand and kissed it because the rest of his skin was so sensitive to the touch. A bit later his hand had slipped out from mine and he says, "Moooom, can you help me hold your hand?" It was terribly pathetic, but oh so endearing to see my big 11 year old boy just melt and need me.

Confession: Sometimes I like it when their sick. Not really sick, just enough they want to cuddle - ya know.

KO:  Let's hope we've knocked this bug out!


  1. now that everyone has had a good cuddle, it's time for some Lysol (or other disinfectant) wipes! Thank you for the reminder that good things come out of even a "bug."

  2. I was thinking like Anita...there is always a silver lining. Sounds like your family has had a rough couple weeks...time to enjoy some good health.

  3. I like how you set it up as "rounds". Wishing you no round 4.

  4. Very sweet of him to say "help me hold your hand." Even big boys need to be babied sometimes. : )

  5. It seems there's a lot of that sickness making its rounds by reading slices. I hope it stays away from me, but I always have to do a mental check of how am I feeling after reading one. Okay, I'm still healthy. I love your confession that you kind of enjoy a little sickness so they are vulnerable and need you. I've been there too. Here's to healthy days ahead!

  6. With no little ones at home, our sickness just stuck with me for a couple of rounds. Others with young ones at home had many rounds of this. I like the "help me hold your hand"!

  7. even when they're 17 and 22 they still want their mom when they are sick. Cherish this time even when it's "sick time."

    First Grade @ Klinger Cafe

  8. Tammy is right! I admit that I like it when my 19 year old and 15 year old want their mom when they are sick.

  9. I hope that your family will be on the mend. And it's very sweet to have your 11 yo want hep to hold your hand.