Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Slice of Life #6 - Foresight

Tonight is a victory for education in my district. I am so proud of our board of ed.  Tonight they approved another year of instructional coaching. Foresight. They understand how complex teaching is and the importance of job-embedded professional development. As teachers we can be so isolated in our classrooms. Having instructional coaches or literacy coaches allows us to open our teaching lives to each other and grow and learn together. It's not about having all the right answers it's about asking,

"What's working?"

"What do we tweak?"

"Where do we go from here?"

Tonight our district leaders stood up for teachers and ultimately students.

Tonight the board of education also approved to continue the Chinese Immersion and Dual Language programs. Foresight. We are committed to nurturing a diverse culture and community of learners preparing them for new horizons in this global economy.

Tonight I race home to tell my new community of friends that there was a victory for education this evening - Let's celebrate!


  1. Congratulations - wonderful news. "It's not about having all the right answers it's about asking..." Isn't that the truth!

  2. Fantastic. That is great news. I wish our district could find a way to be a champion for children. We have a tough road ahead.

  3. Yeah! It restores my faith in school boards. Too often they don't really understand the impact their decisions make. That's a relief, but I hate that this could be a year by year decision. Do they have to decide every year to keep PE? Not really.

  4. I missed this yesterday, but congratulations. It is important & I'm sure you are relieved that you can continue this important job. Great news amidst a flurry of not so good in other places.