Saturday, March 24, 2012

Slice of Life #24 - Family Sunsets

Sitting on the shore
kids throwing rocks
dog smiling
sun inching towards the horizon
creating a path as if we could
walk on water
can't these moments last

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  1. The moment is perfectly captured in this poem. You really don't need many words to give the feeling. I was transferred to another time and another beach in my memories. Thank you.

  2. "creating a path as if we could
    walk on water"
    I could see the band of yellow upon the water saying, "Follow me, follow me."

    Nice visual...thanks.

  3. You just want to freeze moments like this, and you did.

  4. Beautiful imagery - I think I was there! "Creating a path as if we could walk on water." Loved it!

  5. Ahh... beautifully simple. The perfect structure for this moment.

  6. Sounds like a beautiful moment. Glad to see you made it last forever by capturing it with your heart and pen.

  7. Love the imagery! What a wonderful moment to capture!

  8. I love the line, "can't these moments last forever" It sounds like a wonderful time with your children. Cherish those memories.

  9. They can now because you wrote about them. I could see this moment so vividly, and now you will forever too. Beautiful poem.

  10. Jen,
    What a lovely poem. It makes me wonder where you are. Wherever you might be, I hope you get to stay awhile and enjoy it. Your words really helped me to get a picture of the place and the time with your family. They created a snapshot of the moment. I liked the way you set "forever" off by itself. Wouldn't it be nice if times like that could last forever. Of course, then we probably wouldn't appreciate them as much.


  11. I like how you said the sun is inching towards the horizon!! I agree...those are definitely the moments we want to last forever. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Great description - great memories