Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Slice of Life #14 - Why I Comment

I also reflected on the question "Why I Comment?" - addressed in another post.

Why I Comment



I comment when I'm moved
  touched by another's words
  sometimes they reach down into my heart
  and squeeze it
Sometimes they are so beautiful how they glide
  right off my tongue
Sometimes they are so clever I laugh outloud
Sometimes I have to read them outloud
  to whomever is in the room
Sometimes I tell my friends in person
  about my slicing friends
As I go through my day I find I'm thinking about...
  disciplining kids
  doors - beginnings and endings
  socks getting lost in the dryer world
  hidden identities
  lost earrings
  special places
  lost friends
  Star Wars figures in purses
  beauty in classrooms
  stink bugs
  waxed eyebrows
  chickens next door
  bubble wrap
  1st meals
  car stories
  remembering and
  role models
and so much more!




  1. Wow - this is wonderful. I want to steal your list idea and try it tomorrow. And your repetition. Wonderful. Thanks for sharing!

    1. You should! I've been stealing ideas for the past few days from others. :)

  2. Jen - your poems continue to amaze me. You say it so well in such a lovely manner. Many of those stories have stuck with me as well. And totally understand the need to share the great ideas with someone in the room.

    Thanks for continuing to enrich this experience for me with your poems.

    1. In my #11 slice - the line about "jeans to tight" was inspired by your jeans slice. I'm so enjoying reading your writing too - getting to know you better! Hear your sick again?! Get better!

  3. Your single words to begin and end pack a powerful punch. This says what I think, but so much better put together. I enjoyed it very much!

  4. I agree with elsie! I love reading your poems because they make my heart feel like it has been understood and they make my mind understand what my heart is feeling! I wish I had the words sometimes, and since I don't, I am glad that you do!!

  5. I love the descriptors/examples of how you have to share at the beginning and then you really emphasize how it means so much to you with those very specific examples of stories that you are carrying around with you daily. Keep writing - we love reading!

  6. Very nice to read and have someone else express my thoughts. The words impress us don't they? I think from piece to piece during my day too. Thanks for the lovely sentiment.

  7. You slice has made me ask myself why I comment. I have to confess for a while I was a visitor who left not a trace but I am finding overtime you get to know people through their slices and now not to comment would be like bumping into each other and not saying hello!

  8. Okay, is it vain to be pleased to see traces of myself in your list? I love the connections we are making here, and I hope many of us continue to slice throughout the year :)

  9. Yes, this is so great. You put into words what was on my mind.

  10. I am always amazed at how my blog reading filters through my day. Your poem/list speaks to what is probably a common experience for many of us!